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Rektor’s Visit to Malaysia Strengthens International Cooperation

In an effort to strengthen collaboration between Nurul Jadid University (UNUJA) and the Special Branch Manager of Nahdlatul Ulama (PCI-NU) Malaysia, UNUJA’s Rector, KH. Abdul Hamid Wahid M.Ag, along with his delegation, made a visit to Pondok Pesantren An-Nahdloh in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor, Malaysia, on Monday, September 4, 2023. This visit aimed to enhance the partnership between the two institutions in the fields of education and service.

The Rector’s visit to Malaysia also included a visit to the location and monitoring of UNUJA’s international MBKM students. The Rector stated that UNUJA’s students carry the responsibility from the university to serve as educators and apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to a broader community.

Meanwhile, the Director of PP. An-Nahdloh Malaysia, Rizal Jami’an S.H, expressed his gratitude for the Rector’s presence and the assistance provided through UNUJA’s MBKM program. He also emphasized that the An-Nahdloh pesantren continues to uphold the distinctive NU characteristics, even though the students come from various countries.

After the event, MBKM participants and all the santri (students) surprised the UNUJA Rector with a birthday celebration, as he was celebrating his 52nd birthday on the same day. This was marked by the presentation and cutting of a birthday cake. The Rector gave a second piece of cake to the UNUJA MBKM students after the initial piece was presented to the Director of PP. An-Nahdloh. “This is for the MBKM students, thank you for your hard work,” said the Rector.

The visit of Rektor KH. Abdul Hamid Wahid M.Ag to Malaysia not only showcased the commitment to strengthen international collaboration but also highlighted the role of UNUJA’s MBKM program in promoting education and cultural exchange. The partnership with PP. An-Nahdloh Malaysia is seen as a valuable step in fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between institutions in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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The collaboration between UNUJA and PCI-NU Malaysia is expected to bring about positive outcomes in the field of education and service. It opens up opportunities for students from both countries to engage in cross-cultural experiences, further enhancing their knowledge and skills.The visit also emphasized the enduring commitment of An-Nahdloh pesantren to the principles and values of NU, making it a welcoming and inclusive environment for students from diverse backgrounds. This commitment to NU’s ideals is a testament to the institution’s dedication to promoting unity and understanding among different cultures and nationalities.

Overall, the visit of Rektor KH. Abdul Hamid Wahid M.Ag to Malaysia served as a significant milestone in strengthening international cooperation in the realms of education and service. It showcased the commitment of both UNUJA and PP. An-Nahdloh Malaysia to promote cross-cultural understanding and provide students with valuable opportunities for personal and academic growth. The birthday celebration added a touch of warmth and camaraderie to the occasion, underscoring the strong bonds of friendship and collaboration between the institutions.(*)

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